Man by Adnan B. (3.4 oz)

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Brand Adnan B

Adnan B Man Cologne is not your typical everyday fragrance, it offers more than just a lovely aura, it commands respect. The fragrance by the renowned house of Geparlys offers you a refreshing experience that keeps your senses sharp and refreshed all day long courtesy of its blend of notes. The fragrance that is designed to offer a defining aura to the modern man who loves to express his masculinity but still be fashionable. This is achieved by smoothly blending the traditional woody masculine aromas with warm and refreshing notes giving the fragrance a unique touch. Man Cologne begins with a crisp refreshing aura of bergamot, pear and lotus awakening your senses as the day begins. The heart is a woody masculine blend of vetiver, sandalwood, amber and cashmere wood which emphasizes the masculinity of the wearer. A blend of musk, honey and Tonka bean offers a sweet warm aura to keep you company as the day fades. Adnan B Man Cologne is one fragrance that will not only attract compliments but will keep you company all day long.