Le Dandy Pour Homme by D'Orsay

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Brand D'Orsay

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A hearty masculine scent that offers a totally unique and new kind of experience for men. It's a rich and full-flavored fragrance with top notes of tobacco and whisky, the heart is spicy with ginger and the bottom notes are woody and balsamic.

About Parfums D'Orsay

To explain the history Parfums D'Orsay is to recount the romantic story of the Chevalier D'Orsay.

Alfred, Count D'Orsay was one of the most celebrated Dandy's of his day. The word Dandy become commonly used around 1830. At the time a particular kind of gentleman, such as Beau Brummel, aroused admiration among the upper crust through their witty remarks and outlandish clothing. They were eager to be noticed and imposed a certain life and dress style in this bored bourgeois society.

The Chevalier D'Orsay was one of the most famous Dandies of the era. His outstanding talents as a writer, painter, and sculptor reached either ultimate expression in his creation as a perfume composer. His memory will forever live in the famous fragrance houses of Paris.

His real talent, however, was that of creating fine fragrances. His interest was sparked when his beloved mistress Lady Blessington simply could not find a fragrance that agreed with her. In England, the fashion of the day was intensely musky perfumes, which did not suit the delicate skin of a Lady.

And so begins the life long ambition of the Chevalier. Alchemist of luxury and love, D'Orsay rapidly developed a growing passion for his new interest, which will never leave him. In each of his homes he dedicated a room to the creation of fragrances. He turns his back on all other passions to fully pursue the life of a parfumeur.

He died at the height of his fame in 1852 when he was only 51. Eternally a Dandy of the highest order in the history books of France.

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