Eau d'Ikar by Sisley for Men

$180.00 $83.94

Brand Sisley

Not in defiance of the heavens, but rather to rise above the ground
For lightness, intensity and freedom
Not for power, but for the elegant moment
For the gentle wind and the passing of clouds.

High quality, rich in fine natural essences.

It is structured around the mastic, a Mediterranean shrub,
and Corsica, birthplace of the dOrnano family.
Mastic is present in the top, middle and base notes.

Bright citrus fruits illuminate the mastic essences
crisp, green notes.
Elegant and sophisticated flowers accompany the mastic absolutes
sweet, warm evocations.And finally, dark and powerful woods develop.
the sensual and seductive notes of amastic heart.

*Details provided by Sisley

Fulfilled by Beauty Encounter via Two Tap.