Amouage Fragrance Travel Minature Bottle Collection for Men

$312.00 USD $270.00 USD

Brand Amouage

Amouage is ultra luxury, its roots in modern Arabian opulence and splendor, its quality enjoyed around the world as the height of wealth, success and sensual sophistication. Amouge combines the mystery, exoticism and the two thousand year heritage of the perfumery of Arabia, with the finest modern French perfume technology and expertise, created by legendary French master perfumer Guy Robert, to deliver a classic prestige brand that is deservedly 'The most valuable perfume in the world'. (0.3 oz Each)

  • Silver - A prestigious and invigorating fragrance for the man who knows how to play to win. Woody, Sophisticated and good for all seasons
  • Amouage Gold - This powerful floral fragrance is made for the most special, luxurious, evening occasion, rich in sophistication and splendor.
  • Amouage Dia Man - Luxury day wear, a fragrance that is both sophisticated and vibrant. A perfect compliment to Amouage Gold.
  • Lyric - Evoking the sombre sound of eternity, this spicy oriental fragrance is a dedication to the rose infused with angelica. It's created for the confident gentlemen who dares to desire. Deep, smoky and intense, Lyric features notes of rose in a mysterious and entirely unprecedented fashion.
  • Jubilation XXV - This scent is created for the enigmatic man carrying the essence of his philosophy and sophistication across all eras and cultures.
  • Reflection Eau de Parfum - This fragrance carries a fresh, spicy and slightly aromatic top notes, embodying the spirit of refinement. The textured florals in the heart notes capture the seductive power of a man's inner strength. The iconic notes of patchouli and vetiver in the base, blended with sensual woods, reflect his true elegance and underline the fragrance's timeless appeal.

Fulfilled by Beauty Encounter via Two Tap.