Ambre Noir by Adnan B. for Men

$156.00 USD $59.88 USD

Brand Adnan B

The respected design house of Geparlys introduces yet another trend setter that will not only dazzle but also stand the test of time in Ambre Noir Cologne. The fragrance which is a product of the crafty nose of Adnan B brings into the market a new level of refinement that will blow you away. Designed with close attention taken to the selection and combination of notes, this is a scent that you cannot go wrong with. Adnan B Ambre Noir is crafted with the perfect gentleman in mind; a confident, mature and refined man who pays attention to every detail of his style. The sweet crisp aromas of bergamot, apple and cardamom entices your senses with every spritz giving way to a refreshing and heartwarming heart of elemi resin, coriander and orange blossom. Ambre Noir introduces a touch of masculinity in the warm base featuring patchouli, vanilla, amber and musk. Adnan B Ambre Noir is a refreshing, warm and refined aura with a touch of soft masculinity; the true definition of a gentleman’s perfume.

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